Love For Rorscash; a dramatic reading.

So, I remember that when 'Love For Rorscash' was posted on the kinkmeme someone asked for a dramatic reading...I had a spare twenty minutes, so I thought I'd oblige. I hope you guys enjoy, and sorry for the few times I broke into giggles XD. You can download the recording here, in two parts:

1 -

2 -

(gonna go be embarrassed over my performance now for a little while, like Dan)
Sweeney: Hot

Baby Daniel?!?

Who lulz the Watchmen? Martha Stewart does.

Sorry this has to be my de-lurk post. I was reading the new Martha Halloween guide & saw this. The first thing I thought was, "no wonder Daniel was messed up." The second was, "no, that's probably what he forced Laurie to dress their son in every year for Halloween - no questions or arguing."
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Lightning Poll!

I just watched The Terminator for the first time, and the Terminator is vying with Rorschach in my mind for "scariest damn thing I never want to meet down a dark alley." :|

This poll is closed.

Rorschach vs. The Terminator -- who would win in a fight?

The Terminator
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Ror & PH - Oh Shi-

Adrian's prior job

Have anyone of you seen Little Britain? The 'Sebastian Love' character in particular and his uncanny resemblance to Veidt?
I mean, whoa -   short blond hair...  purple suit... I mean, just look at the videos! Throughout the whole thing I was thinking "dude! Adrian??"

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