HAY. I don't know if you've seen this before. I did it a while ago. Its a bit of an inside joke; pretty much I spelled "lube" as "lub" accidentally and my friends never let me live it down. Whatever. Have fun. BUBASTIS FOR PRESIDENT.

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principal blackman

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some of you may remember me from this crap over here way back when it wasn't 9 degrees outside. some may not.

frankly, I'm 99% sure this isn't allowed, but I'm going for it anyway because I'm a dick.

I've just started a webcomic in the same basic style as those comics, just not watchmen related mostly. before this gets instantly deleted, I realize that though many people just loled because I drew rorschach in a dress, there may have been some people who liked the humor. that being said, I am shamelessly whoring myself out to the 0 to 1 of you that may be interested.